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  • PCI-1757UP – 24bit ttl Digital I/O Card Low Profile PCI BUS Card

    119,00  Excl. VAT

    Features PCI-1757UP :

    • Low profile PCI card  PCI-1757UP
    • Universal PCI card, adapt 3.3V and 5V PCI slot
    • 24 TTL level digital I/O lines
    • Emulates mode 0 of 8255 PPI
    • Buffered circuits provide higher driving capability
    • Output status read-back
    • I/O configurable by software or on board DIP switch
    • Keeps port I/O settings and digital output states after hot reset
    • Board ID set by DIP switch
    • High density D-SUB 25-pin connector


    The PCI-1757UP is a 24-bit DI/O 1low profile PCI card. It meets the PCI
    standard REV.2.2 (universal PCI expansion card), and works with both
    3.3V and 5V PCI slot. It provides users with 24 bits of parallel digital
    input/output, emulates mode 0 of the 8255 PPI chip, but the buffered
    circuits offer a higher driving capability than the 8255.

    Specifications PCI-1757UP :

    Digital Input
    • Logic High Voltage: 2.0 to 5.25 V
    • Logic Low Voltage: 0.0 to 0.80 V
    • High Level Input Current: 20 mA
    • Low Level Input Current: -0.2 mA
    Digital Output
    • Logic High Voltage: 2.4 V minimum
    • Logic Low Voltage: 0.4 V maximum
    • High Level Input Current: 15 mA maximum (source)
    • Low Level Input Current: 24 mA maximum (sink)
    • Driving Capability: 15 LS TTL
    Interrupt Source
    • PC0, PC4
    • Connector: one D-SUB 25-pin female connector
    • Power Consumption: 5 V @ 140 mA (Typical)
    • Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 70° C (32° F ~ 158° F)
    • Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 80° C (-4° F ~ 176° F)
    • Humidity: 5% ~ 95% non-condensing

    • Dimension: 119.91 x 64.41 mm (4.721″ x 2.536″) Low profile PCI
    MD1 card size

    Ordering Information
    ❑ PCI-1757UP
    24-channel Digital Input/Output Card
    ❑ ADAM-3925
    DB-25 wiring terminal for DIN-rail mounting

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  • PCI-1763UP – 8 Channel Relay & 8 Channel Isolated DI Card

    212,00  Excl. VAT

    Features PCI-1763UP

    √8 relay output channels and 8 isolated digital input channels
    √LED indicators to show activated relays
    √8 Form C type relay output channels
    √Output status read-back
    √Retained relay output values when hot system reset
    √High-voltage isolation on input channels (2,500 VDC)
    √High ESD protection (2,000 VDC)
    √High over-voltage protection (70 VDC)
    √Wide input range (10 ~ 50 VDC)
    √Interrupt handling capability
    √Support Universal PCI Bus
    √Low Profile PCI card
    √BoardID™ switch PCI-1763UP


    PCI-1763UP relay actuator and isolated digital input card is an add-on card for the PCI bus. It provides 8 optically-isolated digital inputs with isolation protection of 2500 VDC for
    collecting digital inputs in noisy environments, and 8 relay actuators for serving as on/off control devices or small power switches. For easy monitoring, each relay is equipped with
    one red LED to show its on/off status. PCI-1763UP’s eight optically-isolated digital input channels are ideal for digital input in noisy environments or with floating potentials. The low
    profile PCI form factor and universal PCI connector (V2.2 compliant), meet requirements for size and reduced power consumption.

    Specifications PCI-1763UP:

    Isolated Digital Input
    Channels 8
    Input Voltage Logic 0: 3 V max.
    Logic 1: 10 V min. (50 V max.)
    Input Current 3.16 mA @ 10 VDC
    17.3 mA @ 50 VDC
    Interrupt Capable Ch. 8
    Isolation Protection 2,500 VDC
    Overvoltage Protection 70 VDC
    Opto-isolator Response 25 µs
    Input Resistance 2.8 KΩ
    Relay Output
    Channels 8
    Relay Type DPDT, Form C
    Contact Rating 240 VAC @ 0.25 A, or 30 VDC @ 1 A
    Relay on Time 5 ms max.
    Relay off Time 4 ms max.
    Life Span 1 x 10^7 @ 6 V/100 mA
    Resistance Contact: < 50 mΩ
    Insulation: 1 GΩ min. (at 500 VDC)

    I/O Connector Type DB44 female
    Dimensions 119.91 x 64.41 mm (Low-Profile MD1)
    Power Consumption +5V @ 107.5 mA (typical)
    +5V @ 301.3 mA (max.)
    Operating Temperature 0 ~ 60° C (32 ~ 140° F) (refer to IEC 68-2-1,2)
    Storing Temperature -20 ~ 70° C (-4 ~158° F)
    Storing Humidity 5 ~ 95 % RH, non-condensing (refer to IEC 68-2-3)

    Ordering Information
    PCI-1763UP Low-profile 8-ch Relay/Isolated DI Card
    PCL-10144-1 DB 44-pin cable, 1 m
    ADAM-3944 DB-44 Wiring Terminal for DIN-rail mounting

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  • PCI-7032F-00

    401,00  Excl. VAT

    Features PCI-7032F-00:

    √ Ultra low power Intel® Celeron processor J1900/N2930, VG SKU is fan-less
    design pci-7032f-00
    √ Dual channel DDR3L 1066/1333 on 204-pin SO-DIMM socket
    √ Dual independent display
    √ Up to 2 GbE LAN
    √ 2 SATA 2.0 (300 MB/s), one of them can be configured as m-SATA
    √ Legacy I/O: 4 RS-232/422/485, and 1 LPT support

    Interface 10/100/1000 Mbps
    Controller LAN1: Intel I211
    LAN2: Intel I211 (G2, F)
    Connector RJ-45 with LED Connector x 2

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  • PCL-721 – 32 Channel D/I Card

    156,00  Excl. VAT

    Introduction PCL-721 :

    The PCL-721/723 is a 32/24-channel digital input card with independent
    interrupt capabilities that allows the PCL-721/723 to work in the
    background while the processor perform other jobs in the foreground. With
    this feature, your system can do real-time Process monitoring without
    polling its inputs, channel by channel.

    The PCL-721/723 has two modes: normal and interrupt. While it is set to
    normal mode, the PCL-721/723 serves as a general purpose multi-channel
    digital input card. However,if it is set to interrupt mode, then each channel
    will generate an interrupt request to the PC, once the channel input has

    The 32digital input channels ofthe PCL-721 are divided into 4 groups. The
    24 digital input channels of the PCL-723 are divided into 3 groups. Each
    group handles8 digital input channels. There is a register that reflects the
    interrupt status of each groups. Users can first read this register to check
    which group caused the interrupt, then by reading the 8channels’ status of
    that group, you can easily find which channel generated the interrupt. This
    two-pass feature saves lot of time to determine which service routine should
    be executed in your ISR (Interrupt Service Routine).

    The PCL-721/723 is easy to configure. No switch or jumper settings are
    needed (except the I/O base address). The IRQ level, individual channel’s
    trigger mode (rising or falling edge), and interrupt mask (enable or disable)
    are all software programmable

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  • PCL-731 – 48bit Digital I/O Card

    131,00  Excl. VAT


    • 48 digital I/O lines
    • Emulates 8255 PPI mode 0
    • Buffered circuits for higher driving capacity than the 8255
    • Interrupt handling
    • Output status readback
    • Pin compatible with Opto-22 I/O module racks

    Introduction :

    The PCL-731 offers 48 programmable digital I/O lines. Each port
    emulates the operation of an 8255 Programmable Peripheral
    Interface (PPI) chip in mode 0, but provides a higher driving capacity
    than the 8255.
    The card’s DIO ports are combined into 8-bit ports, six for the
    PCL-731. You can configure each port individually by software for
    either input or output. The card can directly interface with SSR
    module carrier boards through a 50-pin Opto-22 compatible
    The PCL-731 is a low-cost alternative of the PCL-722. Like the
    PCL-722 it provides a readback feature which lets you monitor the
    status of the output by reading back the output port

    • Digital I/O control
    • Industrial monitoring and control
    • Interfacing with parallel I/O devices
    • Interfacing with Opto-22 compatible I/O module racks
    • I/O lines: 48
    • Programming mode: 8255 PPI mode 0
    • Interrupt: Bit 0 of one port can generate an interrupt to
    IRQ 2~15
    • Interrupt triggering: Rising or falling edge triggering, jumperselectable
    • Digital output: Logic 0: 0.4 V max. @ 24 mA (sink)
    Logic 1: 2.4 V min. @ 15 mA (source)
    • Digital input: Logic 0: 0.4 V max.
    Logic 1: 2.4v min

    General PCL-731

    • Power consumption:+5 V @ 0.5 A typical
    +5 V @ 0.8 A max.
    • Operating temperature: 0 ~ +60° C (32 ~ 140° F)
    • Storage temperature: -20 ~ +70° C (-4 ~ 158° F)
    • Operating humidity: 5 ~ 95% RH non-condensing (refer to IEC
    • Connectors: 2×50-pin male ribbon-cable connectors
    • Dimensions: 185 mm (L) x 100 mm (H) (7.3″ x 3.9″)


    Ordering Information
    PCL-731: 48-bit digital I/O card and manual
    PCL-10150-1.2: 50-pin flat cable, 1.2 m
    PCLD-782B: 24/16-ch. opto-isolated digital input board
    PCLD-785B: 24/16-ch. relay output board
    PCLD-7216: 16-ch. carrier board for SSR I/O modules
    PCLD-885: 16-ch. power relay (Form A) output board
    PCLS-OCX: ActiveX Control for data acquisition and control.
    ADAM-3950: 50-pin flat cable wiring terminal for DIN-rail



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  • PCL-733 – 32Ch.Isolated DI Card W.Inter.

    212,00  Excl. VAT

    Features PCL-733 :


    √ 32 isolated, digital input channels  PCL-733
    √ High-voltage isolation (2,500 VDC)
    √ Interrupt capacity
    √ D-type connectors for isolated input channels
    √ Reverse voltage protection for isolated input channels (up to 24 VDC


    Specifications  PCL-733 :


    Isolated Digital Input
    √ Input Channels 32 (16-ch/group)
    √ Input Voltage Logic 0: PCI-1733: 2 V max., PCL-733: 1 V max.
    Logic 1: 5 V min.
    PCI-1733: 30 V max., PCL-733: 24 V max.

    √Interrupt Capable Ch. 4 for PCI-1733, 2 for PCL-733
    √ Isolation Protection 2,500 VDC
    √ Opto-Isolator Response PCL-733: 100 µs, PCI-1733: 25 µs
    √ Input Resistance PCI-1733: 2.7 kΩ @ 1 W
    : 1.2 kΩ @ 0.5 W
    √ Bus Type PCI-1733: PCI V2.2, : ISA
    √ I/O Connectors 1 x 37-pin D-type female
    √ Dimensions (L x H) : 185 x 100 mm (7.3” x 3.9”)
    : 175 x 100 mm (6.9” x 3.9”)
    √ Power Consumption
    : Typical: +5 V @ 320 mA
    Max: +5 V @ 500 mA
    PCI-1733: Typical: 5V @ 200 mA, 12 V @ 50 mA
    Max: 5V @ 350 mA, 12 V @ 75 mA
    √ Operating Temperature 0 ~ 60° C (32 ~ 140° F)
    √ Storing Temperature PCL-733: -20 ~ 70° C (-4 ~ 158° F)
    PCI-1733: -25 ~ 85° C (-13 ~ 185° F)
    √ Storing Humidity 5 ~ 95% RH, non-condensing (IEC 68-2-3)


    Ordering Information
    √  PCI-1733 32-channel isolated PCI digital input card, manual and
    driv er CD-ROM (cable not included)
    √   32-channel isolated digital input card, manual and
    driver CD-ROM (cable not included)
    √  PCLD-780 Universal screw terminal board
    √  PCLD-880 Universal screw terminal board
    √  ADAM-3937 DB37 wiring terminal for DIN-rail mounting
    √  PCL-10137-1 DB37 cable, 1m
    √  PCL-10137-2 DB37 cable, 2m
    √  PCL-10137-3 DB37 cable,

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  • PCL-752 – Intelligent SYSTEM MONITORCard

    383,00  Excl. VAT

    Features PCL-752

    • Monitoring +5VDC,-5VDC, +12VDC., -12VDC of ISA bus voltage
    • Three external voltage sense inputs
    • Three fan sense inputs for fan speed monitoring
    • Three temperature sense inputs
    • Two “power good” signal inputs for power supply monitoring
    • Two isolated digital inputs
    • Three relay outputs for alarm connection
    • Watchdog timer for detecting system CPU operation
    • One serial port can be set as a RS-232 or RS-485 port, supporting
    modem output for connection to remote system center
    • Three configurable alarm levels: Critical, major, minor
    • Audible alarm with three sound effects
    • On-board battery backup ensuring normal card operation in case of
    • system power failure
    • Built-in watchdog timer for self-detection ensuring reliable card
    • Compact half-sized card dimensions

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    248,00  Excl. VAT


    Thank you for purchasing the PCL-757–our latest ISA bus
    switch/extension card.This versatile extension card is an ideal
    solution for prototype development, and troubleshooting and testing
    PC add-on cards.We hope you will find this tool very useful, and
    easy to use.
    The PCL-757 is an ISA bus switch/extension card that extends the
    bus signals of the IBM PC/XT/AT(and its compatibles) to a wide
    variety of PC add-on and prototype cards that can be plugged into
    its 16-bit expansion slot(most 8-bit, XT-type cards may be used as
    Also, with the PCL-757, you can now reset your system’s CPU or
    initialize an I/O interface card via an on-board reset switch.
    The following information is a list of the PCL-757’s additional
    * All ISA bus signals are buffered
    * Easy access toggle switch for ON/OFF control of system bus signals
    *Completely hardware and software transparent
    *Replaceable +5V and +12V fuses for hardware protection
    *LED lamps for ON/OFF and fuse quality indication
    *+5v and +12V power connectors for external usage

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  • PCL-813B – 32 Ch.AD S.E Isolated A/D Card

    533,00  Excl. VAT

    Features PCL-813B:


    √32 single-ended analog input channels PCL-813B
    √12-bit A/D converter, with up to 100 kHz sampling rate
    √Isolation protection (500 VDC)
    √Program-controlled A/D trigger and data transfer

    Introduction :

    PCL-813B is a 12-bit 32-channel analog input card that offers high-voltage isolation on each analog input. It is an extremely cost effective solution for applications in industrial
    measurement and monitoring. The card offers 32 analog input channels with software programmable gain on each channel and two DC-to-DC converters on a 4-layer PCB with an
    integral ground plane. Optically-isolated inputs provide over 500 VDC of isolation between the analog inputs and the PC, protecting the PC and peripherals from damage due to high
    voltages on the input lines. PCL-813B is ideal for situations where the budget-conscious user requires flexibility, stability and a high level of isolation protection. PCL-813B comes
    with the PCLD-881 wiring terminal board and a DB-37 cable assembly.

    Specifications  PCL-813B:

    Analog Input
    Channels 32 single-ended
    Resolution 12 bits,
    Max. Sampling Rate 25 kHz
    Overvoltage Protection Continuous ±30 V (max.)
    Isolation Protection 500 VDC from analog input to PC
    Input Impedance > 10 MΩ
    Sampling Modes software trigger
    Input Range (V)


    Bus Type ISA
    I/O Connectors 1 x DB37-F
    Dimensions (L x H) 219 x 100 mm (8.6″ x 3.9″)
    Power Consumption +5 V @ 660 mA max.
    +12 V @ 140 mA max.
    Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50° C (32 ~ 122° F)
    Storing Temperature -20 ~ 65° C (-4 ~ 149° F)
    Storing Humidity 5 ~ 95% RH non-condensing (refer to IEC 68-2-3)

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    576,00  Excl. VAT


    PCL-839 is a high-speed three-axis stepping motor control card that
    simplifies stepping motor control, giving you added performance from
    your stepping motors.

    Three-axis control
    The PCL-839 has three single-chip pulse generators on-board, which
    enables the simultaneous and independent control of three axis. The
    PCL-839 provides digital pulse and directional control (+ and -) for each
    stepping motor axis.

    User-friendly interface
    The PCL-839 has been designed to act as a user-friendly solution for
    your stepping motor control applications. Programming the PCL-839 is
    very easy. ‘C’ Libraries are provided and they contain all the command
    functions needed for total control of your stepping motors.

    Stand-alone interpreter
    A stand-alone, non-resident command interpreter, PROGg39.EXE, can
    also be used to control your stepping motors without any programming.
    Digital I/O
    The PCL-839 features 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs for general
    I/O use (on/off control etc.).
    Isolation protection
    The PCL-839’s PULSE and DIRECTION outputs and five limits input
    switches are isolated from the PC side.

    Features of PCL-839 :

    · Three on-board pulse generators that enables simultaneous independent
    control of three stepping motors
    · Two operating modes – two-pulse (+ and – direction pulse) or one-pulse
    (pulse-direction) mode
    · Programmable step rate from 1 to 16k pps (pulses per second).
    · Programmable initial speed, final speed and time duration. Automatic
    trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration Tamping is performed
    · 16 I/O TTL compatible channels
    · All inputs/outputs are optically isolated, providing 500VDC isolation
    · ‘C’ libraries containing device drivers provided
    · Command Interpreter provided that eases learning the PCL-839 command



    · Precise X-Y-Z position control
    · Precise rotation control
    · Robotics and assembly equipment
    · Other stepping-motor applications


    · Power consumption: 300mA, +5VDC
    · Connector: 37-pin D-type connector
    · Board dimensions: 183.5 mm x 99.06 mm
    · Operatingtemperature:0 to70°C


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  • PCL-839-A

    Have 2 pcs new PCL-839-A

    Read more
    Store:  KGS Systemer AS
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  • PCL-846A – 4 Port RS-422/485 Card Isolat.

    274,00  Excl. VAT

    Features PCL-846A:   √Four or eight RS-232 or RS-422/485 serial ports PCL-846A √Transmission speeds up to 921.6 kbps √Independent/shared IRQ settings between each of the 4 serial ports √Wide IRQ selection: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 or 15 √Supports COM1, COM2, COM3, and COM4 √Provides 1000 VDC isolation (PCL-846 only) √Provides …

    PCL-846A – 4 Port RS-422/485 Card Isolat.Read More

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