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  • TREK-303R-HA – 7″ Smart Vechicle Display 800×480 TFT LCD. with T/S.

    562,00  Excl. VAT

    Features TREK-303R-HA:

    √7” display with touchscreen supports both 480 x 234 and 800 x 480 resolutions for different LCD panels TREK-303R-HA
    √-30 to 70° C wide range temperature support
    √Five user-defined function keys, 2 watt speaker, and USB host.
    √Supports auto-adjust light sensor LCD backlight brightness control
    √One cable connects with TREK-5xx series
    √Wake up/power button on back for easy to wake up/power up; LCD backlight power button
    √CE/FCC/e13 certified


    The TREK-303 is a vehicle display system for Mobile Resource Management (MRM) applications in trucks, buses and taxis. The TREK-303 touch panel is the perfect size for tight
    spaces; ideal for fleet management and dispatch applications. It also meets requirements for automotive grade working temperatures (-30 ~ 70° C). TREK-303 provides excellent
    display capabilities, featuring light-weight housing, compatible with RAM mounting solutions that customers can easily install. TREK-303 supports two display resolutions. The low
    resolution panel is design compatible with the TREK-510 vehicle computing system; the high resolution panel is design compatible with TREK-550 computing system. TREK-303 is
    designed with drivers in mind: when the system requires powering up or waking up, it can be easily controlled from the button located in back; and for night driving, the panel has an
    auto detecting light sensor to automatically adjust brightness. TREK-303 is a smart display designed especially for truck, bus, and taxi drivers.

    Specifications TREK-303R-HA:

    Models  TREK-303R-HA0E
    Design Compatible Models  paired with TREK-550
    Resolution(pixel)  800 x 480
    Number of Colors 262K (supports 24-bit)
    Pixel Pitch 0.2168 (H) x 0.2168 (V)
    Brightness (cd/m2) 500 (typical) without touchscreen
    View Angle  70° / 70° / 60° / 60°
    Contrast Ratio  500
    Lamp Life (hrs) 50,000 (min)
    Lamp Type LED

    Touchscreen 4-wire resistive (GFG 4-wire design reserve)

    Speaker 2 watts
    Hotkey Supports 5 hotkeys (user defined)
    Brightness Control Light sensing (default), manually controlled by button (optional)
    USB Host x 1

    Power /Wake Up Button Yes
    Reset Button Yes

    DC Input 12V +- 5%
    Power Consumption  ~7W (Max.)

    Mounting Design compatible with RAM mount
    Material PC
    Weight 1 kg
    Dimensions 244 x 160 x 41 mm
    IP rating IP54 (without I/O connector)

    Operating Temperature -30 to + 70° C
    Storage Temperature -40 to + 80° C
    Vibration MIL-STD-810F, SAE J1455

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  • TREK-550-GXPE – In-Vehicle Computing Box, Intel Atom XL Z510PT 1.1GHz GPRS XP

    1.042,00  Excl. VAT

    Features TREK-550-GXPE:

    √Supports Win CE 6.0, XPE, XP and Linux TREK-550-GXPE
    √Automotive grade working temperature range (-30° C to 70° C)
    √Rich I/O including CAN, LAN, RS-232, RS-485, J1708, isolation 4DI/4DO,
    √Line out, Mic in, USB, and Video-in
    √Built-in communication modules, including GSM/GPRS/HSDPA/CDMA,
    √WLAN & Bluetooth
    √GPS with AGPS and dead reckoning technology (Gyro & speed line)
    √Certifications: CE/FCC/e-mark, MIL-SD810F, ISO 7637-2, SAE J1455,
    √SAE J1113 regulations
    √Dual display/audio output for both driver and passenger
    √Ignition on/off delay; SW detectable/controllable for car power management


    The TREK-550 is a dedicated box computer for industrial vehicle fleets, transport trucks, buses and taxis. TREK-550 combined with variety of I/O connectors can be connected to devices like
    OBD-II or TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). Dual display/dual audio interfaces supporting different resolutions can deliver different applications to different displays; eg: one application
    to a fleet driver and another to a digital signage application.
    Built-in wireless communications (WWAN, WLAN, BT) enable TREK-550 to send important driver/vehicle/location/cargo information back to the control center. TREK-550 can also operate in
    extreme environments with features like a wide working temperature range (-30 to 70 degrees). TREK-550 also uses a special design to handle the critical issue of in-vehicle power. Special power
    protection (ISO7637-2/SAE J1455 Class A/ SAE J1113) and car power management software (Ignition on/off, delay on/off, low battery monitor) prevent electrical noise and surges from impacting
    the system, guarding against damage from transient car power. TREK-550 also support rear view monitor through connecting video in port. With this feature, driver can real time monitor the
    environment on two sides of the truck for driving safety. TREK-550 can also support dead-reckoning feature, which means the truck can still be traced even the driver is driving in a tunnel.


    Specifications TREK-550-GXPE:


    CPU Intel Atom XL Z510PT 1.1 GHz (Z520PT 1.3 GHz as option)
    Chipset Intel LE82US15EE
    System Memory 1 x 200-pin SODIMM socket, Supports up to 2 GB DDR2 400/533 memory module
    Mini PCI-Express 1 x standard Mini PCI express sockets, user accessible, for WLAN

    Dimensions (W x H x D) 266 x 149 x 68.2 mm
    Weight 2 kg

    Compact Flash Default 2 GB Industrial Grade CF card, supports Advantech SQFlash utility
    HDD 40 GB/80 GB (SATA)

    High Density Port
    Design compatible with TREK-303, support 7″ LCD 800 x 480 resolution, the signal includes:
    – 18 bits LVDS out
    – 2 x RS-232
    – Mono audio out
    – 1 x USB Host
    – 12V DC output


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